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Meet the Band

Featuring two lovely and talented female vocalists, four amazing musicians, your favorite, irresistible dance hits, and energy that could cause spontaneous human combustion, Cherry Bomb will ignite you and get your booty shaking with the best hits of the decades! With incredible talent, years of experience, a great party attitude and excellent production, Cherry Bomb is the band to book.

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dB began playing guitar when he was a mere 140,160 hours old. He is heavily influenced by influential artists, unless they are not influential, in which case he is not influenced by their lack of influence. His sound is described as “audible” and he embraces the art of having style without a style. Using a blend of antiquated machinery and futuristic technology, he can reproduce nearly any guitar sound worthy of a listen (and a few that aren’t).

dB feels at home onstage, where he is more like himself; which is easy because he’s had lots of practice being himself. But at his offstage home, he is the same; except there are considerably less people and it’s not quite as loud.

Much to his dismay, dB was never in any of the bands that he really likes: Rush, Led Zeppelin, the Police, Van Halen, the Fixx, U2, Pink Floyd, Yes, the Dixie Dregs, Marillion, or Extreme. Even though he went to a fancy-pants music school in Los Angeles and learned about Modal Interchange, the dominant-diminished scale, cool string-skipping arpeggios, and flat five substitution… decades of experience prove the pentatonic scale will solve nearly all musical conundrums.

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This "principal by day, rocker by night" is a certified tree-hugging, peace-loving vegetarian! Ever grateful for Cherry Bomb Fans, she loves the magical exchange between the performer and the audience. Amy has been heavily influenced by gospel music and studied classical voice in her undergraduate work. She graduated from in 1992 with a B.S. in Music Education with a Vocal Performance emphasis, followed by a Master's Degree in Educational Technology, her EdSpec in Urban Leadership and her PhD in Urban Leadership & Administration and Curriculum & Instruction.

Amy is one of the original members of Cherry Bomb and has sung everything from gospel to the blues, opera and good ole' rock and roll. Because of her eclectic style and versatility, she is a frequent soloist and performer in the Kansas City/St. Joseph area. She was a Mirror Ball with Disco Dick and the Mirror Balls and was spotted frequently in several Kansas City clubs belting out the retro tunes of the 80's as a guest singer with the band Backtraks.

Amy's favorite artists are Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Joss Stone, The Green Children, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Sara McLaughlin, and Sarah Brightman.

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Gene picked up the sax at age 14, but when he picked up the bass a year later, it stuck with him. He has been the bass player and lead vocalist in classic rock bands as well as modern rock, alternative, metal and 80's bands including Ritual, The Critics, The Neurotics, Psyko Puppits, Bad Karma, Sun King, The Johnson 5 and Cherry Bomb. In fact, he has averaged 180 gigs a year for the last 4 years as he played every major fraternity, sorority, high school and club event in the Memphis and Southeast United States area.

After studying sax, voice, bass, guitar and audio engineering/production/design in college, he went on to own and operate a sound company/rehearsal complex, a booking agency, as well as producing several major events.
Gene includes as his musical influences John Entwistile, Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, Noel Redding and Sting.

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Natalie Bio

Natalie has been singing and dancing as long as she can remember! However, she discovered her love of the stage in the 8th grade, playing the saloon girl with a solo. Her passion for music continued on throughout her life. Singing in Musicals and Treble choir through high school, and even continuing on to study music in Community College. Natalie is one of the original members of Cherry Bomb and also sings in the classic rock band, Sun King. Greatly influenced by performers such as Christina Aguilera, Cher, Miranda Lambert,and Faith Hill, this siren will mesmerize you with her vocal acrobatics. Putting her heart and soul into every show!

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Chadley is a saucy fella. He enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddling soft fuzzy kittens. What can we say, he has the most fantabulous drum kit in the northern hemisphere. His rack is not bad either. We know we have reeled you in... stay tuned.

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After successfully completing a mail correspondence course in Piano Performance, and despite advice to the contrary, Will decided to make a profession of it. Now a working musician for over 30 years, Will is also a studio engineer and sound designer crediting having worked with companies such as E-mu Systems, Roland, Keyfax, Yamaha, Line6, and Digidesign. Will
has also composed many original pieces, arrangements, and music for film in a wide range of styles.

Always an interesting player, Will combines a refined classical approach with utter mayhem, and an improvisational sensibility providing a performance that is never dull.

Will has recorded and produced artists in both the Northern California and Kansas City areas. Will also teaches Piano and Keyboards in Parkville, MO, helping to usher in the next generation of keyboard players.

Check out Will's MySpace Page

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